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Obama’s “Child” Refugee Program is a Trojan Horse

Study shows only 30% of Obama’s “Child Refugee” program is actually made up of children.

Claims that the Obama administration’s various refugee programs are primarily concerned with children are coming under fire.

As reported by MRC and later ZeroHedge, a recent study shows a mere thirty percent of immigrants in the State Department’s Central American Minors (CAM) program are actually minors.

MRC reports:

“…the State Department told MRCTV in an email Wednesday that … just 30 percent of the aliens who have traveled to the United States under the CAM program to date … are children under the age of 18.”

That’s right. Seventy percent of aliens allowed into the United States under this program for “minors” are adults, as Amy Moreno at Truthfeed reports.illegal-aliens

As ZeroHedge reports, the program is a total failure.

On top of failing to provide much help to many child “refugees,” the CAM program hasn’t made a notable impact on the number of unaccompanied children and families who’ve elected to come into the United States illegally via the Mexican border – which is the very problem the initiative was supposedly created to alleviate.

At the end of 2016, the failed CAM program will have cost the American tax payer over one billion dollars and gained the Democrats a new voting bloc.

But the wasted tax dollars pale in comparison to the security risk illegal aliens pose.

With Obama leaving the White House, the burden falls to President-elect Trump to solve this illegal immigration crisis.




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