Muslim Terrorists Stab Christians Headed to Christmas Mass

Muslim terrorists wielding knives attacked Christians in Switzerland. ISIS encouraged Muslims to attack churches in America and Europe during the Christmas holiday.

The Islamic State recently released a video encouraging Muslims  to attack a list of  American and European churches as Christians celebrate the Christmas holiday. In the video, ISIS encourages Muslims to use knives to attack Christians. Apparently, Muslims in Switzerland heeded the call to violence.2015013855ahah-p

Three Christian victims were attacked walking to Mass in Brumous, Switzerland.

One woman was found seriously injured lying on the street dying. Another victim was able to make it to the church after having his face severely disfigured by the knife wielding Muslims. The terrorists set up road blocks, waited for the churchgoers, and then stabbed the unsuspecting Christians on their way to church.

The terrorist attack follows a tragic event last week in which a Jihadist drove a truck into a Berlin Christmas market killing 12 people and injuring 50. Police responded by foiling several more attempted terrorist attacks across the west.

One wonders how many more “peaceful” Muslims will be activated by videos calling them to violence in the future.


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