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HORROR: Syrian Refugees Burn Homeless Man Alive

Seven Muslim refugees were arrested in Germany Tuesday after setting a homeless man on fire in the Berlin subway station. 

A camera in the Schonleinstrabe station in Berlin caught six refugees from Syria and one from Libya torching a homeless man on Christmas Eve. The ages of the Muslim terrorists range from fifteen to twenty-one. The twenty-one year-old is the primary suspect.29b75cb400000578-3412030-islamic_state_has_issued_a_chilling_threat_to_launch_terror_atta-m-18_1453471550354

The six refugees cheered as the twenty-one year old Muslim set the homeless man on fire. The seven terrorists then fled the scene via the train.

Berlin Police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf reported that the case is being treated as an attempted murder and that an investigation into the refugees is under way.

This horrific murder happened less than a week after ISIS sympathizer Anis Amri  drove a truck through a Christmas market in Berlin, resulting in the deaths of twelve people and injuring dozens more. ISIS went on record endorsing the actions of Anis Amri.

If Angela Merkel doesn’t act quickly to stem the tide of Muslim migration and violence, Germany will be toast. Will America be next?

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