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Civil War Breaks out in Germany and France

Streets ran red with German blood on Christmas Eve in Cologne, Germany.

Ivan Jurevic, a hired body guard that runs a security guard company, described Christmas Eve as a “Civil War like situation”. Ivan Jurevic was hired to run security at a five-star hotel but what was supposed to be a normal security job turned into a blood bath. 268427_french-gun

“Muslim Middle Eastern and North African Refugees assaulted, robbed, and raped” German citizens all across Cologne Germany according to the Daily Wire.

Ivan Jurevic had to defend several of the women from Muslim refugees who attempted to assault and rape them. Ivan responded by “beating them all up.”

In France, North African Muslim refugees armed with rocks, knives, and bats attempted to attack a group of French citizens. However, the Muslims were not expecting an armed French citizen with a concealed carry license.

Europe’s open door policy has caused push back among their citizens due to increased sexual assaults brought on by the influx of Muslim refugees. Calls for less gun control have hit an all time high in Europe.

Europe will have to decide soon between arming their citizens or running the risk of becoming a Muslim Caliphate, and time is not on their side.

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